Defibrillator Program


The February 8, 2005 speakers at the Men's Breakfast Club were Mike Tucker, Villages Safety Director (Fire and EMS Chief), and Lew Simons a volunteer emergency responder at several Florida locations.

After hearing their story about the importance of time in the event of sudden cardiac arrest, the following day the Men's Club initiated a voluntary donation and education program toward the purchase of four defibrillators (AEDs) for use in Bridgeport.

The response from the Bridgeport residents was overwhelming, and in May 2005 the AEDs were purchased along with 911 flashing light adaptors for the outside garage lights.

The AEDs are mounted in weatherproof boxes on the outside of conveniently spaced houses. Twenty residents have received their CPR certificates, pagers and keys to the four boxes.

The "Defib" committee met with Village fire department officials and then with the 911 Dispatch Center officials in Mt. Dora to initiate them sending us additionally a beeper signal with address should any address in our village show up on the dispatch center computers as a possible sudden cardiac arrest victim here.

The Men's Breakfast Club has turned over the Defib operation to an elected Bridgeport Director and a committee of four board members to supervise operation, and keep training updated.

The residents of Bridgeport thank the Men's Breakfast Club for their quick action in initiating this advanced life saving program and we are all proud of the benefits this program offers the residents.