Lifka's Letters

Bill Lifka has written a series of letters to the Sumter County Commissioners on the subject of Charter Government (aka, Home Rule).  The letters are posted here in PDF format to inform the residents of Bridgeport who may be interested.

Bill has stated:

"The attachments are my attention letter to the Sumter County Board of Commissioners and the first three articles on the charter form of county government. These cover what I consider to be the basic considerations; following articles will get into the nitty-gritty of the range of possibilities.

"I don't consider these to be complaints; rather, a challenge for the board to 'get with it.' I am sending copies to the candidates for commissioner, as well. For them, I consider it to be a starting education.

"The purpose in making these articles available to residents of our Village is to inform those who may be interested. Those who are not might simply not read them. These are not political statements although the board, in general, and Joey Chandler, in particular, may be needled on occasion.

Before 'going to press' I received editorial advice from a few folks who are more familiar with certain aspects of charter government than I. I'm trying to keep content as accurate as I can. At least one of these helpers prefers to keep his participation secret; therefore, none will be named and I take sole responsibility for conent.

The documents are provided below in PDF format, so everyone should be able to read them.

The above documents are also provided as a single "book", which you can download by clicking on this link: Lifka's Letters (This "book" will be updated as more articles are made available)